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Book coaching: mentoring and advice for your expert book


You're writing and want a mentor: feedback on what you write, accountability to your goals, a spare brain to hold the big picture, motivation, advice, and a shared experience. Get expert book coaching for each stage of your book.

This is ideal for starting new projects, putting together your publishing plan, or kickstarting something that's been on the back burner.

Each week we speak on Skype, to discuss your latest draft, chapter, or plan. I give you detailed feedback and help you plan your next week's writing aims.

The help you need

Each person's project is different, and your sessions are tailored to what you need:

  • feedback: reading and giving feedback on outlines, drafts, and rewrites
  • ideas: discussing and brainstorming your ideas
  • the book's shape: working together on planning the book's structure, organisation, and flow
  • style: advice and help on writing in your voice
  • reaching goals: setting and managing targets, being accountable
  • the creative process: help bringing the creative process into a usually busy life, from creativity exercises to finding the right head space and physical space
  • publishing: coaching on the publishing process - self-publishing or traditional publishing

Coaching programmes

Springboard Your Book


From "I want to write a book" to your complete first draft in 3 months:

  • one-to-one coaching
  • expert advice, shaped to your book
  • weekly writing goals to complete your book
  • feedback on your writing, every week

WRITING Coaching

Get coaching and feedback as you work on your book:

  • Feedback on your writing each week
  • Accountability to your goals
  • Help holding onto the big picture
  • Motivation and advice

Traditional publishing

We work together to create your perfect submission pack:

  • 3 perfect chapters
  • Annotated table of contents
  • Pitch and cover letter
  • Powerful proposal
  • Winning bio
  • Help finding publishers

Self-publishing Project

We work together to make your self-publishing plan a reality:

  • Pick the right self-publishing company
  • Find your team for each stage
  • Create your pitch and press package
  • Map your schedule

What next?

Email me - let me know what kind of book it is, what it's about, and how far you've got with it. If you've already written a lot, we could start with an editorial critique.


1 month  
£500 per month
2 months   £450 per month
3 months   £400 per month
Ad hoc/td>   £100 an hour

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Megan has been a brilliant support. She is positive and motivating; as well as being extremely knowledgeable - but the real proof is that I have been more productive whilst working with Megan than any other time in my life as a writer. Carole Hautot on LinkedIn


The Grown-Up Business, Shirley Mansfield The Second Wives' Guide, Angela Vassallo Herding Monkeys by Nigel Collin - structural editing True Brand Toolkit by Michael Neaylon - editing and structural editing Entrepreneurs Under the Radar by Angelique Moljevic - editing Time to Create a Better Life - Michele Tocci - critiques and editing Bite Me - Lynne Schinella Leading by Design - Irene van der Does Bellybutton to Bellybutton by Syd Stewart - editing and layout Flock Without Birds - Filip Douskey - critique and coaching The Thinking Tank - Jae de Wylde - editing and restructuring

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