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The Book / Blog Review

Have you already written much of your book without realising? Do you want fresh ideas for blog posts that help your readers and showcase your expertise?

The Blog / Book Review is designed to take a full overview of your blog, to assess it as material for your expert book and to identify new content for your blog.

Your book could be…

  • an ebook giveaway to reward loyal readers and encourage mailing-list sign-up
  • a gift to add value for your current and prospective clients
  • the full-monty book on your area of expertise to expand your reputation and create passive income

What your book gets

  • purpose: what kind of book it could be
  • suggested structure for chapters and their order
  • advice on content to add in or leave out
  • tips on writing style

What your blog gets

  • renewed purpose and impetus, with a clearer overall shape
  • a long-term goal and value beyond each week's posting
  • fresh content ideas to serve your readers
  • tips on writing style

Book in your blog

Why blogs make good books

  • road-tested content: Through writing your blog, you've learnt what content people click on, share, and respond to, and adjusted your course. You're writing for the reader.
  • a community of readers: You should always build a community of readers before publishing. Your blog is exactly that.
  • natural writing style: Whenever a client's style is going awry, I read their blog to find their natural voice. In your blog, you're already using that.
  • street-level information: First books often make the mistake of being too general and vague, like an outline of continents. Blogs are generally close up to your work, nested in what you're doing, and reacting to your projects. That's exactly the gritty detail your readers need.
  • evolving structure: Each time you tag and categorise a blog post, you're grouping your content the most natural, flexible way possible. The shape of your book is already evolving.

How it works

  • You email me your blog details and I send you a quote.
  • I review your entire blog's content and analyse its structure and potential to convert it into a book.
  • You get your Blog/Book Review, including advice on what kind of book you can already turn it into and ideas for new content
  • We follow up with a Skype chat to discuss any questions and your plans.

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