Self-publishing or traditional publishing: what should I choose?

Self-publishing versus traditional publishing brims with debate, with hype and hysteria on both sides: the Gatekeepers of Quality versus the Fighters for Freedom!¬†Actually, it’s just a question of choosing what’s most appropriate for your book. What’s your book’s purpose? Who’s it for? How much creative control do you want or need? How much investment can you make? What’s your timescale?

In this series of articles, we’ll look at choosing the best option for you. ¬†Along the way, your vision for your book will come into sharp focus, so whichever path you choose will run smoother. The first, most crucial deciding factor is this: what is your book FOR? Continue reading

Self-publishing vs traditional publishing: time, money, and creative control

Time and MoneyTwo of the biggest lures for self-publishing are its speed (Just do it! Let’s get it out there!) and its high royalties. Traditional publishing has its own lure, apart from that stamp of quality: someone else doing all that stuff for you. Then there’s the issue of creative control – which is always, by definition, a personal and even emotional decision. Continue reading