The four pillars of your book: 3. Your readers

Sculpture by Matthew Simmonds, book rests on four pillars: your expertise, your purpose in writing it, your audience, and your passion. Each of these pillars, as it takes its turn in the spotlight, can be seen as the single most important thing on which everything else depends, so right now, your readers are everything. In identifying your purpose, you may have said that your book’s role in the business is to raise your profile for speaking gigs, or as a freebie in return for sign-ups, or to earn passive income… but without readers, it has no purpose. Continue reading

The four pillars of your book: 4. Your passion

4columns_passionYour book rests on four pillars: your expertiseyour purpose in writing it, your readers, and your passion.  Your passion is your WHY for the book: why are you writing it?

You may feel you’ve already found your “why” with your purpose in writing the book: you’ve identified its role in your business, so that’s the reason, surely? Your passion, though, is a different and deeper kind of motivation. It comes from two places: from your enthusiasm for the subject and from your values, both in your business and personally. Nigel Collin’s story illustrates the difference beautifully and highlights the importance of this pillar. Continue reading