Your CALENDAR you must book…

Certain phrases tell me immediately what’s going wrong with someone’s writing. They usually look something like this: I’m hoping to write a book this year. I’m going to try do some writing this weekend. I’ll see if I can do some writing in the evenings. I’m planning to write a book sometime this year. At the risk of coming across all Yoda…

So here’s a little lesson on English future tenses. We use three main future tenses, depending on how certain something is: “I’ll do that tomorrow,” “I’m going to do that tomorrow,” and “I’m doing that tomorrow.” The usual way of teaching these tenses is like this. Draw a picture of someone having an idea: “I’ll do that tomorrow!” Then they have a conversation with someone else: “I’m going to do that tomorrow.” ┬áThen they write it in their calendar: “I’m doing that tomorrow.”

Is your writing in your calendar?


Learn a new tense. It’s called “the present continuous”. I’m writing tomorrow evening. I’m writing every Tuesday evening. I’m writing on Saturday morning.

Put your writing in your calendar. If you work with me on the Springboard programme, you’ll be booking off 6 hours a week: 2-3 evenings or a full day. If that’s too much, book off 1 evening a week. If you don’t know how to get back into your project, read this list of suggestions. If you haven’t started your book and don’t know where to start, contact me for a Find Your Book pack.

Book your writing into your calendar.

Then protect the time against the forces of the dark side.

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