Get excited about your book

spring_flowersAs you lay plans to write a book on your expertise, three things start to excite you. The idea of having that completed book – and of being An Author, if it’s your first book. All that exciting expertise that you have to share. All those people that you can help. Excitement about your book is part of the motivation that will keep you going.

Get excited about your book

Think of the book that you want to write – this is the year it actually happens.

The first idea often feels the most exciting at first: having that completed book; being an author. Think of the book that you want to exist – that this is the year it actually happens. And as you start to smile about that, let your thoughts spread out to what’s inside the book.

Get excited about your content

Think of all that exciting expertise you have to share. In How to write a business book: the 10 tips you need, this is #1 tip:

All the years you’ve worked in your field make you an expert in what you do: recognise how much you know and that your readers don’t know all that. Brainstorm everything you know. It may help to scan your Evernote and to turn your blog into a blog book. (If you don’t have a blog, consider starting one: it’s great writing practice.) Also consider what kind of expert you are.

My favourite part of this is creating a blog book. If you’ve been blogging for a year or two, or even more, you’ll be amazed how much content your blog has and how much you’ve written. Better yet, print your blog book out and bind it, then curl up to read it. As new ideas leap out, scribble them in the margins. Remember why you’re in this field, how exciting all this stuff is to you, how much you know.

Get excited about your readers

Think of all the people who want and need your expertise, the difference you could make to them.

Think of all the people who want and need your expertise, the difference you could make to them. Some of them might never be able to afford your help – but they’ll be able to afford your book! Some of them might be favourite clients who you know will leap at the chance to read your book. Get creative: gather some pictures of your readers and stick them up in front of you.

This kind of goal-driven motivation is great to get things moving: it helps you commit to the plan and make space in your life. (Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to focus on the process more.)  Let your excitement fire up the lovely high-octane energy to map out your plan of how to go about it, get coaching, clear space in your diary, and prioritise it in your business.

What excites you most about your book idea? What expertise are you most looking forward to sharing? And what’s the first step you’re taking towards it?

2 thoughts on “Get excited about your book

  1. Megan
    I started to write a book about the trip of the “Caltex Riau”, a trip on a ship that turned out to be unseaworthy, took 4 months, got lost in the Indian Ocean and suffered from a terrible accident of two Chinese cooks trying to slaughter each other. But …. apart from a short summary; I am too old to be energetic enough to do it. Although your blogs are a kind of inspiration, or rather encouragement. Will think about it again.
    Jakob Vlietstra

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