Redeem your book plans

How’s your book going? Are you writing away steadily or have other demands pushed it onto the backburner? Does the question make you grimace with guilt; has it turned out a bigger challenge than you thought? Do you have a draft outline and notes or heaps of pages? Do you know what to do next?

Don’t put a black line through “Write a book” just yet: get yourself a review. This will clear the ground and give you a clear plan of what to do next. And you’ll keep your promise to yourself.

Redeem the time

The sign on a little church in Oxford, up the road from me

A review looks at everything you’ve got so far and gives you clear measurable steps of what to do next, so you can map it into your calendar. You can get a review at any stage of your book, from a rough outline to a complete draft. You might send in…

  • everything you’ve written so far
  • a rough outline and any notes you’ve collected
  • an ebook or white paper and notes on how you want to expand it
  • a batch of your blog posts on the ground you want to cover

Based on that, you’ll get a written report (2-3 pages) plus a half-hour Skype meeting to discuss your book. This is what a review gives you:

  • a clear assessment of what you’ve got so far
  • help planning the structure and shape of your book
  • a clear plan of what to do next

To get your review, you can email me now to book it in. You can also read more about getting a review here. Keep your promise to yourself and feel proud of your plan.

2 thoughts on “Redeem your book plans

  1. A number of deaths in the family and health problems slowed down my progress (if there was any). Still have to write part of my autobiography and translate some 1000+ pages in English. So a lot has been transferred to 1014.

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