Why I do what I do: the passion behind the business

Creating my Springboard Your Book programme helped me define why I’ve chosen the work I have. It’s easy to just assume people already know, or can see my eyes light up, or realise this is obviously the most¬†amazing thing in the entire world. Putting that into words (even as a wordsmith) is a different matter – and hugely rewarding. So this is why I do what I do and the passion behind my business.

In the past 6 years, I’ve helped over 30 experts create their books. These cover a huge range of subjects: entrepreneurs, marketing, creativity in business, branding, sales, business management, property, sustainability, decision making, time management, personal development… even medieval chivalry and Foucauldian architecture!

I do this because I LOVE…
writing | people doing what they love best | helping people | new ideas

writing I started reading at age 3 and have barely stopped since, except to sleep. (You can read while you eat.) I’ve written since I learnt to grasp a pencil. I live and breathe books; I dream and think in written words. Writing, in short, is my thing.

people doing what they love best I passionately believe that the world is big enough, and people are various enough, for everyone to make a living doing what they love best. That everyone has their thing and there are micro-niches enough to go around. I love working with people who share this view and are making a life out of their thing.

helping people is a curious joy: seeing how to help, how to break an idea or process into steps, knowing when to hold back, watching discovery and acheivement happen… and feeling that glowing contentment fill up inside. It feels like sunlight.

new ideas I am voraciously hungry for ideas and information. One day, I realised that if I wanted to write whole worlds, suddenly everything in the world was fascinating and useful. Every micro-niche, every job, is a microcosm world and I want to get inside it, unpick it, understand it. This is the best part of helping experts write their books, for me: I’m the ultimate reader’s advocate, because I really want to discover your expertise!

You can find out more about Springboard Your Book here – a coaching programme¬†to get you from “I want to write a book” to a complete first draft in 3 months. And here’s a nice exercise… what do you love about your business? Why do you do what you do?

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