Kickstart your book: free 6-week coaching course

DECLARE YOUR PLAN: “Over the next 6 weeks, I’m going to clear away the blocks to writing my book”

The year’s already trickling through your hands, the book is still on the backburner, and you’re starting to think, “Okay, next month – or maybe after the summer – fresh start…!” It’s time to kickstart your book. These six articles are 6 free coaching sessions for everyone wanting to write that book. We’ll look at the 6 main obstacles and clear them out the way, one by one.

Don’t wait till you have time to clear the ground. Over the next 6 weeks, you can clear away the stumbling blocks, take your initial steps, and enter the next quarter writing a book. That’s got to feel better than another deferred plan…

Week 1: Defend the project
It’s always hard to defend a long-term project against your business’s more present demands, and defending a book can feel especially hard.

First, write down all the reasons you haven’t been working on your book. Be honest about it. You’re not a useless procrastinator, you’re successful, so there must be reasons. You don’t need to deal with them all at once – that’s what this 6-week course is for. But get them out your head and onto paper.That’s all you need to do to start – and it’s still better than nothing.

Next, this week’s core task: Write down what you, your business, and your clients will gain, and hope to gain, from this book. Look at the list. If it’s not enough – fine. At least you’ll be free from the nagging guilt! If it is enough – post it somewhere prominent. For the next week, just let it inspire you. You’re already back on the road to writing it.

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